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Prize Winning Articles

Each year one submission is awarded the JESLA Best Article Prize, based on peer review ratings of its originality and contribution to the field. The prize winning articles are:

2021: Exploring the evolution in oral fluency and productive vocabulary knowledge during a stay abroad. Authors: Vladyslav Gilyuk, Amanda Edmonds, Elisa Sneed German.

2020: Modeling variability in number marking in additional-language Spanish. Authors: Aarnes Gudmestad, Amanda Edmonds, Thomas Metzger

2019: Elicited imitation as a window into developmental stages. Authors: Kristof Baten, Frederik Cornillie

2018: Foreign language learning in the third age: A pilot feasibility study on cognitive, socio-affective and linguistic drivers and benefits in relation to previous bilingualism of the learner. Authors: Simone E. Pfenninger, Sabrina Polz.

2017: The dynamic interactions in foreign language classroom anxiety and foreign language enjoyment of pupils aged 12 to 18. Authors: Jean Marc Dewaele, Livia Dewaele.